Approvals and Certifications


Health Canada Approved

The summer of 2017 Marealis received an approval from Health Canada making Canadian consumers the first in the world to experience the antihypertensive health benefits of PreCardix. After years of research, clinical trials and approval processes, Health Canada verified that PreCardix is safe of use and that it helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels and to support cardiovascular health. See the Product Licence.

B-Corp Certified

In the beginning of 2018 Marealis became one out of very few in the natural health product segment to become a certified BCorp member. This certification states that Marealis is using business as a force of good. “Through PreCardix we are committed to battling the development of elevated blood pressure while supporting the planet in a sustainable manner.” Says Andreas Semmingsen, head of Market & Finance. Read more about Marealis’ BCorp-certification here.

B Corp logo

FDA Approved

In May 2018, one year after PreCardix’ approval for the Canadian market, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) followed Health Canada’s example and approved PreCardix for consumption in the US. The approval comes as a result from years of research, clinical trials and strong documentation related to the antihypertensive product. As of today PreCardix is not available for purchase in the US.

MSC certified

PreCardix is a single active ingredient health product extracted from shells and head from prawns. The coldwater prawns are wild caught from the pure arctic ocean in a sustainable way, certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). By using the by product from production of pilled prawns PreCardix contributes to further utilization of the prawns.