Coffee and Blood Pressure

Do you reach for a steaming cup of coffee first thing in the morning? You’re not alone! Coffee is the most widely consumed stimulant beverage in the world and is enjoyed by around 90% of North American adults1. While there are mixed messages about coffee and its impact on your health, it’s widely accepted that […]

PreCardix® Helps Maintain A Healthy Blood Pressure

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is a key component of good health because blood pressure is tightly linked with cardiovascular health and elevated blood pressure is one of the most commonly reported conditions for which Canadians are prescribed medication for. A healthy blood pressure is often achieved and maintained through a variety of means including […]

Join the 8 Week Healthy Blood Pressure Challenge!

PreCardix® is clinically proven to have a significant effect on blood pressure health within 8 weeks of usage in 89% of adults. Join the challenge and try PreCardix® for 8 weeks to support your blood pressure health! Tip! When purchasing PreCardix® at London Drugs and Nature’s Source (both in store and online), on Amazon and on […]

Anxiety and Hypertension

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues in North America, affecting around 20% of adults1. It causes significant impacts on health and quality of life and is linked with multiple other health conditions1. Anxiety often presents as “overthinking” or “over-worrying” and can impede relationships, work and simple day to day activities. It […]

How Pharmacists Can Help Canadians Make Plans To Manage Blood Pressure.

Chances are that you have tried the blood pressure kiosk at your local pharmacy. These user-friendly machines measure blood pressure when you’re seated on the bench and place your arm in the cuff. While many people have used the kiosks at pharmacies, most don’t realize the pharmacist can help with their blood pressure concerns, too. […]