PreCardix is developed through ten years of extensive research, product development and clinical trials, showing the product’s safety along with a significant blood pressure lowering effect. 

222 people in North America and Europe have participated in clinical trials to document PreCardix’s safety and effect.

A total of 222 people have participated in the clinical trials to document its safety and effect. The latest study performed in North America and Europe included 144 persons. The study was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel study to assess the blood pressure lowering effect and safety of PreCardix. All subjects were healthy volunteers with mild to moderate elevated blood pressure, not diagnosed with high blood pressure and did not use any blood pressure lowering medication.


In an eight week study, 72 people took PreCardix and 72 took a placebo daily.

Every person participated in the study for eight weeks, taking the daily dosage of two tablets per day. 72 persons got the placebo (no active therapeutic effect), and the other 72 got PreCardix (the active ingredient). Each participant was followed up by a doctor who took the office blood pressure readings and measured other issues regarding safety and health status. The trial did also include ambulatory blood pressure readings, meaning that every participant carried a blood pressure reading instrument for 24 hours.


The data from the study documented PreCardix had a significant blood pressure lowering effect.

The data documented that the persons taking PreCardix had a significant reduction in their systolic blood pressure levels. Overall treatment with PreCardix had a substantial impact on lowering blood pressure compared to placebo. Also for other blood pressure parameters, including diastolic blood pressure, PreCardix outperformed placebo.

Our Claim is that PreCardix is the best documented natural alternative for elevated blood pressure in the world.

In the multiple clinical trials, PreCardix showed a significant blood pressure lowering effect aswell as strong safety profiles and is considered safe. The results and the data from the clinical trials are the basis for the approval from Health Canada, FDA and EFSA on the Canadian, American and European market and allows PreCardix to carry health claims like “Helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels”, and “Helps to maintain and support cardiovascular health”.

Health Canada approval

In 2018, our product was approved by Health Canada and given the NPN (Natural Product Number): 80080580. PreCardix can be found in Health Canada’s database, where one can check the product’s approval.

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Approval in Europe & USA

Besides the approval from Health Canada, PreCardix has received approvals from both EFSA and USA to acknowledge the product’s safety and health benefits.