Blood Pressure Research: The Science Behind PreCardix

PreCardix is the result of over ten years of blood pressure research and clinical study dedicated to finding an effective, sustainable and proven natural blood pressure remedy.

Two clinical studies (Mare-study [1] and Marealis 13TBHM [2]) were conducted on PreCardix between 2012 and 2015 with over two hundred and twenty participants. Results showed a significant, reduction in blood pressure.

1. MARE-study, Finland 2012

2. Marealis 13TBHM. Full scale randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled, multi centered study performed in cooperation with KGK Synergize in USA, Canada, Germany and Czech Republic in 2014-2015.

PreCardix Blood Pressure Research Study Results:

89% of PreCardix Study Participants Experienced a Significant Anti-Hypertensive Effect after 8 Weeks.

Proven Natural Blood Pressure Remedy: How does PreCardix Work?

PreCardix contains marine peptides. Peptides are short chains of amino acids held together by peptide bonds. Longer chains are called proteins. The patented peptides in PreCardix are ‘bioactive’ meaning they have a proven, potent and positive biological effect on your body.

The significant blood pressure lowering effect of PreCardix observed in both clinical studies is due to the natural ‘Angiotensin Converting Enzyme’ (ACE) inhibiting effect of PreCardix bioactive marine peptides. PreCardix prevents the angiotensin converting enzyme from converting angiotensin 1 to angiotensin 2. This preventative action reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions such as high blood pressure.

Latest in High Blood Pressure Research: Bringing Research and Innovation to Life.

PreCardix Research & Innovation Team

PreCardix is the world’s first clinically proven natural blood pressure remedy. The patented bioactive marine peptides in PreCardix are sourced directly from Stella Polaris, a European leader in sustainable cold-water shrimp manufacturing. The proprietary marine peptides in PreCardix have a natural ACE inhibiting effect resulting in significantly lower blood pressure in over 220 clinical study participants.

PreCardix is the result of an extensive partnership between Stella Polaris AS, Marealis AS, an emerging global leader in blood pressure research and education, The R&D Institution Nofima, and The University of Tromso.

Meet The Team

Marealis Health Inc

PreCardix is developed and produced by Marealis – a Norwegian biotechnology company and marketed and sold through Marealis Health Inc – Our Canadian subsidiary. Marealis is built on a long tradition of environmental stewardship and of creating value by delivering the most efficacious, safe and sustainable healthcare products to consumers. Our expertise is focused on improving individual quality of life by addressing concerns like elevated blood pressure and heart health through the development of natural health products using science of marine biotechnology. We adhere to the highest scientific standards both in the development, production and distribution of our products, and we guarantee the purity of our products to be free of chemical additives and other substances.


Andreas Semmingsen
Chief Executive Officer

Kari de Boer
Chief Marketing Officer

Øystein Pettersen
Sales & Project Manager

Marealis Innovation

Marealis Innovation is  Marealis’ sister company and hired R&D & production department. To secure the best product- and production quality and rapid product development, Marealis AS uses Marealis Innovation for quality control and R&D in addition to production. Marealis Innovation is also working on new exciting projects and products on behalf of Marealis AS.

Jaran Rauø
Head of R&D, Marealis Innovation

Heming Hansen
Head of Quality & Production, Marealis Innovation