Our mission

Our mission is to provide a natural and sustainable alternative to lower elevated blood pressure effectively, supported by research and education.

The story behind PreCardix®

In 2008, Stella Polaris, one of the biggest producers of cold-water shrimp (Pandalus Borealis), was made aware of a scientific finding at the Norwegian research organization Nofima. The findings showed that peptides extracted from shrimp shells had a very strong blood pressure lowering effect (ACE-inhibition) in vitro. Stella Polaris AS picked up the scientific findings and established Marealis AS for further product development of a refined shrimp peptide concentrate (RSPC) and documentation of its safety and blood pressure regulating effect.

In cooperation with the R&D institution Nofima, The University of Tromsø and leading research organizations, Marealis has now developed a science backed, patented and efficient blood pressure regulating product in PreCardix.

We believe that PreCardix is the best documented blood pressure lowering natural health product in the world.

After receiving an approval from Health Canada in 2017, Canadians are the first to experience the health benefits from this groundbreaking discovery from the Arctic Sea.

PreCardix is committed to support the planet in a sustainable manner

PreCardix is a supplement which utilizes a by-product from shrimp production to benefit both the environment and a major health challenge in our society. In the coldwater shrimp industry, only 40% of the shrimp is utilized and sold as food. Marealis was founded to make sure that this valuable but underutilized byproduct and its promising health benefits was exploited.

PreCardix is a natural health product with a long Norwegian-Canadian history. In cooperation with leading R&D institutions in Norway, the product was developed in the North of Norway with help from the Canadian, world leading companies KGK Synergize (a specialist in developing clinical studies) and Intertek (a multinational inspection, product testing and certification company). The active ingredient of PreCardix is now produced in the North of Norway before further manufactured in Mississauga Ontario and some of the shrimp shells used for production of PreCardix actually originates from Canadian waters.

Certified B-Corp member

In the beginning of 2018 Marealis became one out of very few companies in the natural health product segment to become a certified B Corp member. This certification states that Marealis is using business as a force of good.

“Through PreCardix we are committed to battling the development of elevated blood pressure while supporting the planet in a sustainable manner.” Says Andreas Semmingsen, CEO of Marealis AS. Read more about Marealis’ BCorp-certification here.