Meet the Team

PreCardix is developed and produced by Marealis – a Norwegian biotechnology company and marketed and sold through Marealis Health Inc – Our Canadian subsidiary. Marealis is built on a long tradition of environmental stewardship and of creating value by delivering the most efficacious, safe and sustainable healthcare products to consumers. Our expertise is focused on improving individual quality of life by addressing concerns like elevated blood pressure and heart health through the development of natural health products using science of marine biotechnology. We adhere to the highest scientific standards both in the development, production and distribution of our products, and we guarantee the purity of our products to be free of chemical additives and other substances.


Tore Andreassen
General Manager

Tore was brought into the Marealis team to increase focus on bringing PreCardix to consumers. Tore has been involved with commercialization of Biotechnology products before, and have years of experience in business through multiple directorships and executive roles. He is eager to participate improving people’s health in a sustainable matter through the commercialization of PreCardix.

Andreas Semmingsen
Head of Market & Finance

Andreas was raised in the little prawn-village Kårvikhamn where Marealis’ mother company Stella Polaris AS is located. After studying and working with entrepreneurship and innovation abroad in the US and in Singapore, Andreas became determined to becoming an entrepreneur. Andreas is now responsible for the commercial operation of PreCardix in Canada.

Jaran Rauø
Head of R&D, Marealis Innovation

With a passion for the ocean and for biotechnology, Jaran has worked dedicated on the development of PreCardix since 2008. After years of hard work and patience he has now, together with the rest of the team, reached a big milestone by introducing PreCardix in Canada. Jaran is now working on development of new exciting marine health products through Marealis Innovation AS.

Heming Hansen
Head of Quality & Production, Marealis Innovation

Heming was born on the beautiful island of Senja, and graduated MSc in Seafood Science at the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway before joining Marealis in 2016. In addition to his full time job at Marealis, Heming is currently working on his PhD in Marine Biotechnology. Heming is dedicated to never compromise on the quality of the product, and to ensure a safe and sustainable production.