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Order PreCardix* for $24.95 with this special subscription offer. Additional months are $49.95. One trial offer per household.

~90% of users experience a significant lower blood pressure after two months. Help manage your blood pressure with our easy, monthly subscription service.*

*Subscriptions may be paused or cancelled at any time by sending an email to support@marealishealth.com.

Your first order of PreCardix will be shipped directly to the address provided within approximately two (2) business days by Canada Post. You will receive PreCardix monthly within 3-4 weeks of your original order. Sign into your account at any time to track your order status or make changes to your subscription.

  • First month $49.95 $24.95
  • Additional months $49.95
  • Shipping and handling costs may vary
  • Taxes included $0.00
Within two working days, your first month’s supply of PreCardix will be sent to your home address by Canada Post. You will receive your second month’s supply automatically three to four weeks after receiving your first, and your third about a month after this, and so on.

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