I was able to lower my blood pressure naturally, by over 30%.

Karl's Story

Karl Sikkeland (69) struggled with dangerously high blood pressure of 180/110 mmHg for many years, and had a major stroke in 2011. Unfortunately, the blood pressure medication prescribed by his physician did not have the effect they hoped for and Karl’s blood pressure remained high.

In 2018, Karl heard about PreCardix, a new product clinically proven to lower blood pressure naturally, without side effects. PreCardix is the result of over ten years of research and clinical trials and recently became available in Canada. Collaborating with his doctor, Karl introduced PreCardix along with a milder hypertension medication, and added a thirty-minute daily workout to his routine.

By the first week Karl’s average blood pressure dropped from 180/110 to 150/100 mmHg and after six weeks, Karl’s blood pressure stabilized at 124/74 mmHg, a 30% reduction compared to blood pressure medication alone. His blood pressure is now stable and Karl’s capacity for work and enjoying life has increased significantly.

“The effect that PreCardix had on my blood pressure is incredible, I feel like I have a brighter future now, and my chance of having another stroke has decreased.”


This testimonial is based on the individual experience of a PreCardix customer, and is not intended to replace the advice of a healthcare professional. Please consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your hypertension plan.