“I never have to go back to blood pressure pills again.”

Lisbeth's Story

Despite a healthy and active lifestyle, Lisbeth Berger (57) struggled with high blood pressure for years. Her doctor eventually put her on blood pressure lowering medicines to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

“I finally found a natural and safe alternative when my blood pressure started to rise again. After a couple of years on medication, my doctor and I decided I should try to stop the treatment to see if my blood pressure would remain on healthy levels by itself. Sadly, it started to rise again after a while”.

When Lisbeth’s blood pressure once again was heading for the danger zone, Lisbeth figured she wanted to try PreCardix as a natural alternative.

“My blood pressure was reduced to a healthy level after only a few weeks”

After just a few weeks of taking PreCardix, the doctor informed Lisbeth that her blood pressure had already dropped significantly. After a few more weeks, her blood pressure had stabilized at a healthy level.

“My blood pressure was significantly reduced after only a couple of weeks. It has now stabilized at a healthy level and has been so for the last four months. I still take PreCardix every day to maintain this. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle are not always enough”

For Lisbeth, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle were not enough to get her blood pressure to a healthy level. By living an active lifestyle with a healthy diet combined with taking PreCardix, she has finally been able to stabilize her blood pressure at a healthy level. Lisbeth will continue taking PreCardix and hope she will never have to go back on blood pressure lowering medicines.

“Along with a healthy lifestyle, PreCardix helps me to keep my blood pressure stable. Hopefully, I’ll never have to go back on blood pressure lowering medicines again. I have already recommended PreCardix to some of my friends”.


This testimonial is based on the individual experience of a PreCardix customer, and is not intended to replace the advice of a healthcare professional. Please consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your hypertension plan.