Mohammad managed to decrease his blood pressure to 130 mmHg without side effects

Mohammad's Story

“PreCardix® is a great product for anyone who would like to prevent the uncomfortable effects of high blood pressure and reduce the prevalence of side-effects conventional medicines bring to the table.”

As someone who had been diagnosed with diabetes, Mohammad managed his health by focusing on eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, supplementing with necessary vitamins and minerals, and taking his prescribed medications. Although his blood pressure had not been an issue in the past, Mohammed began experiencing episodes of suddenly elevated blood pressure and couldn’t identify an underlying reason. Several times his systolic blood pressure rose to 230 mmHg, known as a hypertensive crisis, which resulted in his hospitalization. To combat these fluctuations in blood pressure he was prescribed a diuretic, which he used diligently for several months.

Mohammad understood the importance of medication compliance as his father recently passed away from poorly controlled hypertension. While the diuretic helped to decrease Mohammad’s blood pressure it also caused side effects, such as a frequent urge to urinate which was uncomfortable and impacted his quality of life.

In September of 2019, one of Mohammad’s family members recommended that he try PreCardix®, a natural blood pressure lowering product that would not exacerbate his other health conditions. After taking PreCardix® for a month, his blood pressure not only decreased to 130 mmHg but it also stabilized! Mohammad has not experienced fluctuations in his blood pressure or a hypertensive crisis since he started PreCardix® and has been able to come off all other blood pressure medication. He says there’s, “nothing not to like” about PreCardix® and would recommend this product to anyone trying to decrease their blood pressure while preventing the uncomfortable side effects of medication. He is thrilled that he has found a natural and effective way to take control of his cardiovascular health!


This testimonial is based on the individual experience of a PreCardix customer, and is not intended to replace the advice of a healthcare professional. Please consult with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your hypertension plan.