What are Peptides?

Imagine a neckless of pearls. To understand a peptide or a protein, the pearls can represent amino acids, and the string between the pearls are peptide bonds.

In nature there are 20 different amino acids, all with different characteristics. The different amino acids can be bonded to the “string” to form a peptide or a protein. The combination of the amino acids in the string, and the length of the neckless decide which health beneficial properties the protein will have. A “neckless” with 2-50 amino acids is called a peptide. If it is more than 50 amino acids, it is usually a protein.

The active ingredient in PreCardix contains hundreds of different peptides.
The majority of these peptides are two to five amino acids long. The longer the chains of amino acids, the more combinations exist. In total, this can create thousands of variations. The different combinations of peptides in PreCardix are bioactive and have a proven health effect on elevated blood pressure.

The blood pressure lowering effect of PreCardix is documented through human trials. The data from the studies show that the small peptides from the Arctic shrimp can inhibit a molecule called Angiotensin Converting Enzyme. For people with blood pressure higher than normal, the peptides from the Arctic shrimp is capable of inhibiting the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme and thus preventing the blood pressure to rise above healthy levels.

If you already have healthy blood pressure, the ACE-inhibiting peptides in PreCardix will help to maintain healthy levels. It is the magic of the Arctic shrimp.

Did you know?

  • PreCardix has a strong and documented blood pressure lowering effect.
  • You should experience a noticeable effect after only 2 weeks of use.
  • PreCardix is made from a natural and safe ingredient.
  • PreCardix is based on 10 years of extensive research, clinical testing and product development.