Clinically proven natural ACE inhibitor

ACE inhibitors prevent angiotensin 1 from converting to angiotensin 2 which reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure.

  • Clinically proven to lower blood pressure when taken daily

  • Supported by multiple clinical studies and customer testimonials

  • 89% experienced a significant effect after 8 weeks

  • Natural ACE inhibitor

  • No side effects

  • Sustainable marine peptide source

  • Always consult with your healthcare professional before making changes to your hypertension treatment plan

  • 100% satisfaction or money back

100 % Natural and Sustainable Source

PreCardix is made from a single and natural active ingredient (marine peptides) from the Norwegian ocean. It is produced in northern Norway and manufactured in Mississauga, Ontario. Multiple clinical trials on finished product showed a significant, blood pressure lowering effect, without negative side effects.


Medical Iingredients (amount per tablet): Shrimp protein hydrolysate (Pandalus Borealis – shell): 600 mg

Non-Medical Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, polyethylene glycol, USP-NF talc, polyvinyl alcohol, titanium dioxide.

Recommended use

For adult use only. Take 2 tablets together, daily between meals before noon. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products.

Always consult with your health care professional before making a change to your hypertension treatment plan particularly if you:

  • You are taking medication, have a medical condition or are planning any medical procedure
  • You are taking blood pressure medication or blood thinners
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding

Please do not take PreCardix if you have an allergy to shellfish. Discontinue use if allergy or sensitivity occurs.


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Lower your blood pressure naturally, starting at $24.95*

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~ 90% of users experience significantly lower blood pressure after 8 weeks. Help manage your blood pressure with our easy, monthly subscription service*

*Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time

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Trial Offer (30 Days)

~ 60% of users experience significantly lower blood pressure after one month. Maximum results are typically achieved after two months.

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Subscription or Single Order?

Like other blood pressure lowering products, PreCardix has to be taken over time to maintain its blood pressure lowering effect. The blood pressure lowering effect that PreCardix has is due to its ACE inhibiting mechanism. The natural, bioactive peptides in PreCardix prevent the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme from converting Angiotensin 1 to Angiotensin 2. This preventative action reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions such as high blood pressure. When you stop taking PreCardix, the Angiotensin Converting Enzyme will not be inhibited anymore, which means it can convert Angiotensin 1 to Angiotensin 2, which can cause blood pressure to rise again.
We highly recommend purchasing a subscription, where we offer to ship out a month’s supply of PreCardix every month. This subscription can be cancelled at any time.

When should I start seeing results?

Our clinical studies show that after one month 58% of the participants taking PreCardix experienced a significant lower blood pressure, while after two months 89% of the participants experienced a significant lower blood pressure. This shows that for some people it takes some time before their blood pressure is reduced. We advise our new customers to take 2 tablets of PreCardix simultaneously per day, for at least two consecutive months, to see if PreCardix is giving the expected blood pressure lowering results.

Recommended Use

Adults: Take 2 tablets simultaneously per day. Take a few hours before or after taking other medication or natural health products. Take in the morning between meals.

Subscription Cancellation and Money Back Guarantee

When purchasing a subscription, you may cancel at any time by logging into your account, sending us an email at or contacting us through Facebook. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with PreCardix, we offer a sixty-day money back guarantee by email.

Billing and Delivery Details

When purchasing a subscription, your credit card will be billed monthly.

Within two working days, your first month’s supply of PreCardix will be sent to your home address by Canada Post. Shipping in Ontario normally takes up to a week. Unfortunately, shipping outside of Ontario may take up to two weeks. Subscriptions will be sent automatically monthly.

If for any reason you would like to cancel your subscription please contact us one week before your billing date. Your billing date will be clearly noted on your order confirmation form. Please save this information for future reference.

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Please contact us directly at We will return emails within 24 hours on weekdays.

Talking to your Healthcare Professional about PreCardix

Consult with your healthcare professional before making a change to your hypertension treatment plan.