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PreCardix is a preventative natural health product with a documented blood pressure lowering effect. Experience a noticeable effect after only two weeks of use.

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High blood pressure is a global health challenge. More than 12 million people struggle with elevated blood pressure either through hypertension or pre-hypertension in Canada alone. Hypertension is known as the “silent killer” as it has no notable symptoms. PreCardix aims to help prevent this ever-increasing health challenge.

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Why PreCardix®
is different


PreCardix is made from a single and natural ingredient (marine peptides) from an underutilized and sustainable source. PreCardix® is without any artificial substances and is non-GMO produced.

Science backed

After 10 years of extensive research, product develop- ment and clinical testing, (in cooperation with the R&D institution Nofima, The University of Tromsoe, KGK Synergize and Intertek) Canadians will be the first to experience this ground- breaking discovery made through science of the sea.

Clinically tested

Marealis have performed multiple safety and efficacy studies on PreCardix with both animal and human trials. The results documented the products safety along with a noticeable blood pressure regulating effect.

Strong effect

PreCardix has a strong blood pressure regulating effect as it contains bioactive ACE-inhibiting peptides. You should experience a noticeable effect after only 2 weeks of use.

Our mission with PreCardix®

PreCardix is committed to battle the development of elevated blood pressure while supporting the planet in a sustainable and social manner.

Human perspective

2/3 of adults in the western world suffers from elevated blood pressure either through hypertension or prehypertension. Together with lifestyle changes, we want to be a mayor contributor to fight one of the biggest health issues in the western world today by shifting focus from treatment to prevention.

Environmental perspective

PreCardix is committed to support the planet in a sustainable manner while battling the development of elevated blood pressure. The natural health product is made from a single active ingredient from the Arctic Sea and does not contain any artificial substances. The ingredient is made from an underutilized by-product that normally would have been discarded.

Social perspective

By shifting focus from treatment to prevention, we will help people to avoid developing elevated blood pressures and thus prevent them from a lifetime on medicines. In this way, we contribute to a healthier society where less people will need treatment, and the public health care cost will be reduced.

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