Our Mission

Provide a natural and sustainable alternative to lower elevated blood pressure, supported by research and education.


In 1968 Stella Polaris AS (the north star) was founded in the fishing village of Karvikhamm, high within the Arctic circle. Over the next fifty years, this family-run company grew from a small fishing port into a global leader in premium, sustainable cold-water shrimp production. Though environmental stewardship was paramount to the company, the shrimp shells, discarded during production resulted in undesirable waste. In 2007 Stella Polaris established Marealis AS, a biotech company committed to converting what was once a waste by-product into potent bioactive marine peptides with a significant cardiovascular health benefit. In 2018 PreCardix was introduced to Canada, under the guidance and leadership of a global collective of researchers, business leaders and scientists dedicated to finding a natural, sustainable and effective solution to the growing global hypertension crisis.

Our Corporate Family Tree