Andreas Semmingsen

Chief Executive Officer

Andreas is an innate leader determined to bring success to Marealis Health. Andreas has a variety of general management experience across various functions, including accounting, finance, business analysis, sales, marketing, project leadership, and operations.

During his MBA at the Arctic University of Norway, Andreas was a keyaccount financial consultant at Santander Consumer Bank, and later a partner and executive at Singaporean start-up WellteQ. While in Singapore, Andreas took his Master of Science in Entrepreneurship.

Andreas also holds a BBA at UC Berkeley. Upon completion of his MBA, Andreas joined Marealis AS and assumed responsibilities for marketing and finance. His innovative and strategic mindset and work ethic led to his promotion to CEO of Marealis within two years. Andreas has a passion for health, nutrition and exercise and is an avid skier, soccer player and sports fisherman.

Andreas Semmingsen