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Sustainable Quality Sourcing and Environmental Care

PreCardix® emerges as a groundbreaking, natural remedy for healthy blood pressure, born from over ten years of detailed research by Marealis. This renowned Norwegian biotech leader pioneers in quality and sustainibility marine health solutions, marking a new era in cardiovascular wellness. Marealis partners with Stella Polaris, a leader in eco-friendly cold-water prawn production, to transform prawn shells into bioactive marine peptides. This process exemplifies sustainability in health innovation, making PreCardix® a key player in maintaining blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

Proven Effectiveness and Global Reach

Rigorous clinical trials validate PreCardix®’s effectiveness, garnering endorsements from major health authorities like the FDA, Health Canada, and EFSA. Now available in the US and Canada, PreCardix® is set to expand globally, underlining its certified impact on health.

PreCardix® reflects Marealis’ commitment to merging scientific breakthroughs with environmental responsibility. This strategy not only propels natural health products forward but also champions green practices in the health sector, envisioning a healthier planet and populace.

A safe and effective natural product for healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health.


A Certified B Corporation

Under CEO Andreas Semmingsen, Marealis has earned the prestigious B Corporation certification. This reflects their commitment to social and environmental standards, transparency, and accountability. B Corporations aim to redefine business success, promoting a more inclusive, sustainable economy.

Environmental Stewardship: Quality and Sustainability Assurance

Marealis excels in environmental stewardship, deeply integrating scientific innovation with a commitment to sustainable practices. Partnering with Stella Polaris, known for its sustainable cold-water prawn production, Marealis ensures the ethical sourcing of ingredients. Stella Polaris, recognized for its environmental responsibility, holds prestigious certifications from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Certified Sustainable Seafood, KRAV, and Sedex. These accolades underscore both companies’ dedication to sustainability and quality, showcasing their joint efforts in promoting eco-friendly practices. This partnership highlights Marealis’ role in advancing health solutions that are not only effective but also environmentally conscious, marking a significant stride towards sustainable health innovation.

Important Information

Always consult with your healthcare provider before making changes to your blood pressure management plan. PreCardix® does not treat, cure, or prevent medical conditions. Measure and monitor blood pressure regularly. Know the signs of heart attack and stroke.

Do not take PreCardix® if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have renal artery stenosis, have a history of angioneurotic edema, or have a shellfish allergy. Consult product guidelines for additional information. Print and share the product monograph with your healthcare provider.

PreCardix® is an innovation of Marealis Inc. a Norwegian Bio-Tech company dedicated to finding natural, sustainable, and effective marine-based solutions for blood pressure health, globally. Designed in Norway. Manufactured in North America.

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