Weight loss is often touted for its aesthetic benefits, but its impact on cardiovascular health is perhaps even more significant, especially in the context of the United States’ growing concern with heart health. This article explores the myriad benefits of weight loss on your heart and blood vessels, and how PreCardix® can play a supportive role in this health journey.

Understanding the Weight-Heart Health Connection:

Excess weight, particularly around the midsection, can increase the risk of poor blood pressure, heart disease, and other cardiovascular issues. Losing weight, even a small amount, can significantly improve these conditions and overall heart health.

Benefits of Weight Loss on Cardiovascular Health:

  • Heart Health: Weight loss is often associated with a decrease in blood pressure levels, as the heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood throughout the body.
  • Improved Cholesterol Levels: Losing weight can improve your cholesterol profile, reducing the levels of harmful LDL cholesterol and increasing beneficial HDL cholesterol.
  • Decreased Risk of Heart Disease: Weight loss, especially when combined with regular exercise, can reduce the risk of developing heart disease by improving heart function and decreasing arterial stiffness.
  • Better Blood Sugar Control: Weight loss can improve insulin sensitivity, which is beneficial for heart health, as diabetes is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Incorporating PreCardix® into Your Weight Loss Journey:

While focusing on diet and exercise is key to losing weight, supplements like PreCardix® can complement your efforts, especially when it comes to maintaining cardiovascular health.

  • Supports Cardiovascular Health: PreCardix® can aid in supporting a heart healthy lifestyle, which is crucial when you’re on a weight loss journey.
  • Natural and Clinically Tested: As a natural, clinically proven supplement, PreCardix® can offer a safe addition to your health regimen.
  • Synergistic Effect: Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, PreCardix® can help amplify the cardiovascular benefits of weight loss.

A safe and effective natural product for healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health.


Important Information

Always consult with your healthcare provider before making changes to your blood pressure management plan. PreCardix® does not treat, cure, or prevent medical conditions. Measure and monitor blood pressure regularly. Know the signs of heart attack and stroke.

Do not take PreCardix® if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have renal artery stenosis, have a history of angioneurotic edema, or have a shellfish allergy. Consult product guidelines for additional information. Print and share the product monograph with your healthcare provider.

PreCardix® is an innovation of Marealis Inc. a Norwegian Bio-Tech company dedicated to finding natural, sustainable, and effective marine-based solutions for blood pressure health, globally. Designed in Norway. Manufactured in North America.

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